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Old Wine In a Fresh New Bottle: 2011 Bridal Fashion

The coveted World Cup won, off-spinner Harbhajan Singh and dashing batsman Yuvraj Singh may now soon tie the knot as their mothers are looking for perfect matches for them. Hunt for the bride, let's leave it to them! Because they know their kids best, isn't it? But, there are few things they just might need to learn once the hunt is over. So, for all the Moms and beautiful ladies in India this one's for you. We titled it right " Indian Bride- 2011 style!"

Bridal Styling
With all the lights, cameras and flashes from every corner of the room. Everyone is keen to see the bride’s entrance -really, they are waiting to see what she will be wearing. An anxious nervousness lingers in the air. The doors open and silence, here comes the bride – what/whom is she wearing? The bride is jaw dropping gorgeous and patiently waiting, her groom is dashingly handsome. What else could you ask for? Well, besides what the couple looks like, we are over the moon, head over heels in love with 2011 Bridal Fashion. This year’s style of bridal wear meshes modern day fashion with traditional details. The fusion of colors and fashionable and edgy designs fit perfectly with the bride distinctively in search of something uniquely different. It screams regal, classy and paramount elegance.
This year, designer bridal collections consisted of bejewelled skirts flaring out from corseted waists. Voluminous skirts in full or with layers accentuated with crystal and exquisite embroideries on rich fabrics like duchess silk, brocades and silk georgettes in vibrant red, orange and fuchsia colours. Hand woven roses with blinging crystals were the theme on ball gowns. Contoured silhouettes with ruched silks and swaying bubble layers in creams and whites, embellished with pearls for the ornate heavy alternatives to the traditional wedding lenghas. Most of the outfits were finished with beautifully embroidered heavy dupattas to tulles draped around shoulders over heavy beaded bodices.

Need we say more? Yes. Collections truly captured the eyes as they shout elegance and class. Something about it reminds us of the golden age – could it be all the little detail work. Not sure, but bridal looks are the epitome of a Bollywood Star in her outfit literally dripping with beading. So all you brides out there wanting to makeshow-stopping entrances, 2011’s bridal collections were any bride’s dream come true. Playing with rich bridal colors

 and brilliant designs, designers are hitting the nail in the head with their contemporary yet conventional bridal styles. Designers are painting outside the lines with their contemporary style, while respecting the traditions of the Indian bride. The beautiful mix of color and sensuality is breathtaking. Brides were not wearing the typical red lengha, but playing it up with the traditional gold, with hints of red on the border.
Without a doubt, lenghas remain in the forefront, but knee length flowy kameez and Pakistani salwaars to ankle length tops with skin tight bottoms, designs like anarkali churidar kameez are back in fashion. Why? Well, designs are figure flattering for all brides. Everything from back in the day is in vogue again, especially if it carries a story along with it, like Anarkali Churidar Kameez. Known as“pomegranate blossom” was a renowned slave girl from Lahore (Pakistan) during the Mughal era. She was a performer and dancer at the palace of the Emperor Akbar. She was allegedly ordered to be buried alive by the Emperor for having an illegitimate love affair with Prince Salim, who later became the royal leader, Jahangir. The dance called mujrawas famed at that time and her outfit has become a way to cross time lines and be regal.
Bridegroom Styling
Bridegroom’s don’t despair, fashion has evolved for you too. Designers created a personal style mixed with influences of ethnic fashion and embroidery to give a “cross-culture” theme to etchkins. Some desingers focused on trousers and designs varied from velvet patched relaxed trousers to low-crouch Jodhpur denims. Jackets are truly inspired by British tailoring from double breasted raw silk blazers to military chest fitted jackets to Nehru collar jackets to combine the Indian tailoring in a new dimension. The use of velvet applique and Indian fabrics such as raw silk, fine Jacquard even crushed tissue as draping created a great synergy between eastern and western influences. Today’s ethnic bridegroom wear has evolved beyond “Occasion Wear” and to more “I want to Wear”. Design houses are developing lines to blend the culture of Indian hand-craftsmen as trend setting to enhance bridegroom clothing and adding a vintage flair is ever more becoming popular and timeless.
Wedding Clutches

Hollywood’s starlets flaunt them, so do Bollywood’s Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif. And now flashy, bejewelled and palm-sized clutch bags have made it to every fashionable bridal wardrobe – never mind if they defy practicality.
The explosion of tiny evening bags has been a blessing for women who only need to carry basic items for a short span of the evening – such as the cell phone, car keys, lip gloss and a little cash. But the latest designs today are more an object of art, a statement piece rather than just a ‘bag;.
No doubt, clutches have been around in all shapes and sizes forever. But it is the tiny, hard bound, crystal studded, expensive variety that is catching the fancy of many nowadays. Of course, they are statement pieces.
Evening bags got their start as a coin purse hung from a girdle around the waist. What differentiates the wedding/evening bag from a regular handbag is that they have always had a certain status appeal and do not take into consideration practicality. Here’s a few of our favourites.
Designer Footwear
Bridal shoes can come in so many designs that it would dazzle you. But that is a good thing, because you have a very wide range of shoes to choose from. Brides are continuing to splurge on footwear for the wedding. Our favourite footwear maestro Christian Louboutin’s ethos is to “make shoes that are like jewels” and each unique design demonstrates unparalleled quality. So for all you brides out their open your wallets so you can kick up your designer heels. We heart the following bridal footwear.
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