Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Soranam" All set to join Angarkh's Band Wagon!!

We did promise that there's lot of surprises in store for you this summer. All we wanted you to do was to wait for April month. And now April month is here, it's time for us to fulfill our commitments. Angarkh Family welcomes Sonia Malhotra and her label Soranam. Few more days and the collection will be out on our web portal. 

Soranam by Sonia Malhotra A One Stop Fashion Boutique

The Creative streak was always there , it seems - the intricate symbolic pen sketches right from school days was a preview to what Sonia Malhotra would do in times to come .Sonia completed graduation in science and a diploma in Information Technology. Of course later pursued Jewellery and Footwear Designing courses at The London College of Fashion, U.K .Creativity always inspired her and fashion designing excited her .She was making abstract black and white pieces of art, expressing her inner most thoughts and her spirituality. She then thought of bringing her creativity and passion together to present a unique range of semi-precious and real jewellery ,bags ,footwear and fashion wear under her brand-SORANAM

At the age of 22 she stepped into the world of ornate stones and strung them together in a breath taking array of designs and colours that immediately made a mark on discerning buyers. A big fillip and encouragement came from a panel in the British Embassy screening participants .The remark “stunning jewellery “ by Ms. Joanna Taylor the wife of a top DFID British bureaucrat gave Sonia the push that all artists need early in their careers .The same lady invited her to London and presented her as a young talent in London.

The London visit was an instant hit and a stint of six months in London-a virtual cauldron of people from all over the world was enough to give her the maturity and understanding of what fashion meant to women from various parts of the globe Sonia then stepped back home and the brand name “Soranam” under which this designer sells her jewellery was a hit in various exhibitions This young designer has showcased her creations in North India. In Delhi, she regularly exhibits at Embassies- American , British High Commission ,Indonesian ,Malaysian and at many other venues. 

She has also worked with many celebrities and custom makes designs for many bollywood figures and models

She has attracted buyers from some big brands in London and Delhi. But she says its very tough to maintain exclusivity in India,so she is careful about her choices. She was supplying to a store at Crescent Santushti in Delhi and many others in all over India Then she went back and pursued footwear and jewellery designing courses at the London College of Fashion in 2007,on her return to India ,her footwear collection was showcased at the Lakme fashion Week Oct ,07for Urvashi Kaur at the Lakme fashion week.

Cosmopoliton, Grazia ,Femina and many other fashion magazines have noticed her exquisite designing skills She has expanded her range from semi-precious contemporary fashion jewellery to real Victorian which is a blend of he ancient Indian and European ethnic gold jewellery , set in real gems like turquoise ,coral, ruby garnets ,turmarine, Amethyst , Golden topaz, Aquamarine, Citrene, Turmarine, Coraliene available in over 250 colours, cut and polished in Jaipur.This jewellery is handcrafted intricately ,each stone is embedded by hand .It is also available in chandeliers ,studs, and in all sizes in sync with the latest fashion.

All that glitters is not gold but in this day of fast moving trends ,many want to keep upbeat with the latest and at the same time dont want to invest in real jewellery. Zircon Rodium Silver jewellery works best. Sonia does beautiful eye catching zircon jewellery set in pure rodium silver ,again available in an array of designs in a wide range of precious and semi precious colored stones. Well, Sonia knows that a “One stop fashion accessories boutique” is incomplete without Footwear and Bags-the footwear is designed in metallic leather, crystals, denim and wood. Funky designs are available in vibrant colours and go well with the latest fashion, in both flats and heels . She also does boots.

Sonia designs hand embroidered bags. She makes Indian traditional and also trendy western bags. Sequins, beads crystals are hand embroidered on fabrics like denim, silk and satin in unique designs

Sonia’s USP is that each and every product is hand crafted , can also be customized as per the customers taste.

What attracts buyers especially to the jewellery is the wide range on offer. Contemporary semi-precious stone fashion jewellery which starts from Rs.15 and goes to 1900,then the Precious and Semi precious stone and zircon studded silver jewellery which ranges from Rs.1000 to 12000 and Precious stone ,diamond and gold jewellery which starts at 4000,so there is something for every purse. 

All this in three years flat. Watch out world, here comes a new young designer on the firmament………….!

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